Workforce outsourcing from a diversity perspective

MultiMind has helped international operating businesses and organizations since 2000, providing personnel with multicultural and international competencies. We work with staffing and consultation. Our core business consists of an educated personnel pool with specific linguistic proficiency combined with multicultural or international competence. We supply our clients with around 150 active consultants a month. We have over 400 individuals comprising over 30 nationalities in our talent pool. We are accountable and make sure we get the job done!

Why choose MultiMind?

Our candidates have superior international experience. Apart from key skills in customer service, finance, marketing, supply chain, human resources and IT, we have an exceptional capacity to deliver talent with specific linguistic, cultural and social skills. This is our unique niche. Paired with our high quality- and service standards, we can take staffing beyond just filling a position and leverage the power of diversity.

Nordic languages

Our talent pool offers proficiency in over 30 languages as well as having international qualifications. We have a glowing track record of recruiting and supplying candidates who speak Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Swedish.

Do you need inspiration for a better diversity ideology?

MultiMind provides workshops and seminars diversity consulting, where we focus on the importance of diversity in companies and how to succeed with diversity in your organisation. We can also offer diversity consultants who can assess, analyse and advise you on how you can improve and make your organisation more effective and efficient through diversity. This can entail everything from building a business from the start with a diversity approach, altering your recruitment practices or shifting your organisation culture.

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